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The Founder

Rev. Dr. Raelynn Parkin is an ordained worship leader, speaker, author, and recording artist, producer, co-founder of Bride Song Ministries with husband Paul, founder of Worship Houston Project, and the visionary and founder of the Chronicles of Worship Project. She received her Doctorate of Divinity, U.N. Ambassadorship and Chaplaincy through CICA University in October 2016. She has led worship and participated in worship events, conferences, and bible studies all over the Houston area, as well as teaching and speaking engagements. She leads worship at their monthly Soaking Worship Nights along with her four children and husband Paul and other guest musicians. Raelynn has recorded several studio projects, including Out of the Secret Place and Bride Songs, as well as her live recordings with the Lord’s Bridal Company, a spontaneous prophetic worship team, including their children, with incredible orchestration by the Holy Spirit. She has authored four books, her most recent, Unlocking Worship and the Heavenly Worship Room, second edition, and her most recent Conversations.

Bride Song Ministries is a worship and teaching ministry whose focus is to prepare the Bride for the Return of the King Jesus! Raelynn’s heart is to lead the Body of Christ in Throne Room worship and to facilitate an intimate conversation between the Bride and the King! Her vision, through leading worship and teaching, is to see the Lord raise the worshipping priesthood, and the prophetic minstrel ministry in the current Church, ultimately manifesting in the Glory radiating from within the Church to the darkened world. They see Bride Song Ministries traveling and ministering around the country, specifically bringing a blessing to smaller churches.

You can visit their website at www.bridesongministries.org or RaelynnParkin.com to sample her worship music, as well as subscribe to their worship YouTube Channel at bridesongministries1. Raelynn’s current passion is to release the teachings the Lord has put on her heart through new blogs and teachings, and an interactive online Unlocking Worship workshop coming soon. Please visit their Facebook page at Bride Song Ministries and the new Worship Houston! Their resources are available on their website, downloadable MP3s through CDBaby.com/Artist/RaelynnParkin as well as http://raelynnparkin.bandcamp.com and Amazon.com.

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Ministry Website: bridesongministries.org
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